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The Anti-Ageing Event

Last week saw Remedies take their 20 years of skincare knowledge and experience to the Pebblebed Vineyards. Our aim was to have day of education on the forever troubling subject of ageing. The concept was to cover as many topics as possible to avoid premature ageing.... read more

Keep Your Skin Happy This Winter

When approaching the winter months, not only does the weather get a bit dull but so can our skin too. Central heating gets switched on which in turn dehydrates our skin. To then step outside to the extremely cold weather, it’s no wonder our skin has a tendency... read more

Remedies and Kayleigh go to Las Vegas

Dermalogica the global skincare company hold their congresses in different places around the world. In August 2015 it was held in Las Vegas and I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity by Remedies to go this year. There were 2,400 people attending from 80... read more

Elizabeth Arden PRO at Remedies

Remedies is very excited to be able to offer this unique range of skin care Products and Treatments. The global beauty brand Elizabeth Arden has teamed up with the pioneering Uni ted States “Cosmeceuticals” company to produce Elizabeth Arden PRO. This is a new concept... read more

Are you dying for sunburn art?

Recently on Social Media there has been a trend-setting craze which involves a form of a Tattoo “Art” called Sunburn Art… if you’ve read any of our blog posts before, you’ll know that this has terrible consequences! Sunburn Art is created by exposing... read more

Institute of Anti Ageing (IIAA) National Awards

The Remedies clinic has been recognised again for its position in the beauty sector, more specifically our commitment to training and retail sales. The International Institute of Anti Ageing (IIAA) held its National Awards Ceremony at the Savoy Hotel London this week... read more

Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Summer

Acne was featured quite heavily in an episode of the popular program “This Morning” last week. One of the main topics of discussion was the rise of acne in adults, the number of cases for adults with acne increased by over 200% in the last year alone! The... read more

Look and Feel Your Best You For Your Big Day

As the Wedding season is just around the corner, you’re surely wanting to look your best for those memorable moments and photographs. At Remedies we offer a huge range of treatments to suit everyone. Whether that’s a brightening facial for the mother of the... read more

My Terrific Week of Work Experience at Remedies

My name is Alexandra and I came to the Remedies Clinic expecting it to be very much the same as other beauty businesses I have seen, but I could’nt have been more wrong !! I was waiting to see all the standard type of beauty treatments but I was amazed when I realised... read more

Is Your Skin Currently Over Sensitive?

As we all know it is important to exfoliate our skin regularly to help regenerate new skin cells. However, the time of year can have an effect on how our skin functions and responds causing sensitivity during the colder period. This is where your choice of products... read more