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Coconut Oil

I’ve been reading a lot about coconut oil online recently, it seems to be on every Pinterest board, and in every beauty magazine. Perhaps it’s to do with the thought of dreamy sandy beaches with sparkling tropical seas, and sipping coconut milk on a sun lounger that... read more

Product Launches JANUARY

We have had some new products arrive this month, and we are always looking at how they can work with us at the clinic. One of the products we are really liking is from Medik8 and they are so excited about it they have given it it’s own flashy new website here! The... read more

Jessica’s Story

This week we are sharing a client’s experience with one of our therapists Alexis. Jessica “I came to Remedies for breakouts on my forehead, and scarring from a laser treatment that burnt my skin. After 3 N-Lite’s and 8 Omnilux sessions my breakouts have stopped and at... read more

Masterchef Skin!

As the Masterchef series hots up to the finals, we have noticed the chefs skin appears to suffer from redness and breakouts. Reasons Stress! It releases hormones which affect the sebaceous glands and cell turnover. Hence if the poor chef has even mild acne, rosacea or... read more

Christmas Skincare Gift Boxes

  Top Banner: Environ Christmas Box inc AVST 1/2/3 £156 or AVST 4/5 £162.00 From Top left:  Environ Christmas Cracker including a Vita Peptide Eye Gel (formerly C-Quence eye gel) £41.50, Dermalogica Christmas set prices from £15.50,  Medik8 Ultimate night kit,... read more

Let’s talk about… Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unsightly pink/red/white stripes, usually on areas of the body where recent weight loss has occurred e.g. post-pregnancy across the abdomen and breasts. I asked Remedies owner Wendy her advice on this subject. Wendy recommends a two-pronged attack.... read more

TRAVEL SERIES – Skin advice for Skiiers

  Going skiing soon? Recent studies by British Skin Foundation found that a huge 85% of people admit to getting sunburnt. 1 in 10 admitted to not wearing an SPF30 when abroad. Over one fifth forgot to apply sunscreen after swimming. It’s important to remember... read more

Winter Skin Tips!

As the temperature drops and we get up to bright frosty mornings, we reach for our cosy knitwear, and inevitably turn up the heating. The contrast of dry centrally-heated rooms and cold biting winds outdoors, can leave our skin feeling tight, dry and flaking. The best... read more

Winter Sun

Should I bother with sun protection now summer has gone? If so why? Well; a) Do you ever go outside in the winter?  and   b) Do you only go out at night? If you answered:  a) YES and b) NO Then YES you definitely need to use a daily Sun Protection Factor (SPF) You... read more

20 Years OF Remedies!

I cannot believe I started Remedies with my business partner Maelyn back in October 1996. So much has happened in that time and Remedies is still going strong. We have a great team, 20 years of experience and memories, loads of clients and an amazing solid foundation... read more

My Work Experience at Remedies

  My name is Nell and came to Remedies expecting it to be much like other work experiences, but it was so different. I was shocked and amazed to see all the different things they do here from products they had to the amount of knowledge all the team had, they had... read more

Dreading summer due to stretch marks?

With warmer weather on the way, holidays on the horizon and swimwear shopping what’s stopping you? ……  Stretch Marks?! We treat them here at Remedies using one of our laser systems! Please be aware that the sooner they appear and get treated the better the result so... read more

Want to get something more than garage flowers?

Thinking of treating your special someone (or even yourself) to something more than just a box of chocolates and some garage flowers? Why not treat them to that beauty treatment they have been banging on about or even one of our Deluxe Pamper Packages? If you are... read more