source Whether it’s outdoor sports like running, cycling, or tennis, or indoor workouts like yoga, spinning, or body pumps, your skin needs a little more attention when it’s active. The most obvious product of course if you are outside is a UV protection of 15, preferably 30. We like Vitage SPF 30.
Choose one to suit your skin type, but as you will be getting hot perhaps look for ingredients suitable for a sensitive skin, such as zinc oxide to calm the area and help prevent redness. Apply liberally before commencing your sport, and keep in your bag as you may need to reapply e.g.. golf.



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get link If you are at the gym and are wearing make up, remove with Dermalogica PreCleanse, the new balm formulation (out now) is easier to keep in your workout bag than the original oil. Sweating with a full face of make up on is not a good look. If you do still wear it, then remove after in the same way after your work out. Follow with a lightweight but hydrating moisturiser, see Barrier Repair recommendation below, and a spritz will help to cool the skin. Travel sizes are easy to to carry around, in the same way you keep drinking water throughout a workout, you spritz your face for the same reason. Avoid exfoliants immediately after your class, be kind to your face, harsh scrubs when your skin is already flushed is not a good idea. Useful products for the active client- Precleanse balm
Ultracalming cleanser (can be wiped off with a tissue or taken off in the shower)
Barrier repair by Dermalogica, or Elizabeth Arden Pro, Vitage SPF 30, RAD 15, or EAPro TAP 50 (this also has a tint to it). Kinky Fetishes Sex Porn Videos