At the Remedies Laser and Skin Care Clinic we are presented with many hundreds of cases of Pigmentation. This pigmentation and uneven skin tone is mainly been the result of poor sun protection, especially in teenage years and early twenties.

Pigmentation has a dramatic effect on the visible signs of ageing, and one of the most common skin issues we deal with. Our skin care therapists can treat this condition using different treatment protocols such as Laser and IPL plus advanced product based treatments e.g. Glycolic Peels etc. In some cases we combine a Technology with Products, all of which can achieve great results.

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Real Client Case Study

This lady came to us having scattered areas on the face of sun damaged skin and some hyper-pigmentation, predominately on the nose and cheeks. She was becoming so conscious of it and trying to cover it with an excess of make-up, So, she finally decided it was time to do something about it.

The Treatment we provided and the advice we gave

Firstly we assessed the skin in our skin scanner so we could see the extent of the pigmented skin. From there we could agree priorities and decide on the best course of action. The decision was to use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). We patch tested with the IPL System set at 585Nm’s, followed by a full treatment a week later.

The client has been delighted with the results with significant lightening of the pigmentation, some areas are virtually invisible. She is now going to have a couple of Glycolic skin peels, which will further improve skin tone and texture.

In fact this success has now lead to her husband being interested in having the same on his cheeks, probably as a result of years of his sporting activity without SPF protection.

Skin Care Advice

We have advised the client that she must use daily UV protection, ideally SPF 30, and consider using skin care products with lightening ingredients e.g. Mulberry, Liquorice, Vitamin C. We have a range of suitable skin care products, some not available in the high street shops which she can choose to incorporate in to her skin care routine.

Client Feedback  (from our feedback diary in reception)

“I am very pleased with the removal of the pigmentation especially on the bridge of my nose and after only one treatment !” Kinky Fetishes Sex Porn Videos