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cipro prices US This week I’m talking about the rise of the beauty blogger and the skincare recommendations that fill the internet. Last week, our fifth client since Christmas came in with an armful of products that they were using, to get some advice. Yet again several of them were blogger recommended ones that we are seeing again and again… They are usually chemical exfoliants that are too strong, or expensive cleansers and moisturisers that are incorrect for the clients skin. So, I felt it time to talk about why internet recommendations and reviews may not be the best resource.

go to site If you read beauty blogs you will know there is a huge amount of information out there, and much like standing in the aisles of endless skincare feeling lost, it’s easy to get lost with blogs too. We couldn’t only recommend a handful of products for fluoxetine 10 mg buy online online all of our clients to use, as buy 20 mg paxil dosage online everyone’s skin is unique. It’s easy to spend a large amount of money on a popular skincare product that you then don’t like, and sits on the bathroom shelf unused. Just because a product works well for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you. To spend more wisely, it’s best to get an expert to give your skin a full assessment, and help you build a tool kit of products to give you the best skin possible. The changing seasons, plus lifestyle factors, and ageing all come into play when cherry picking the right products. We have clinic-strength brands here, so we know the real results that our products can give. This doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive regime, some of our clients only need a very simple routine and not all our brands have expensive price points.

We have been experts in skincare for 22 years, and have seen many skincare trends come and go. The cornerstone of good skincare however, has remained the same. Double cleansing at night if you wear makeup, a regular regime, targeted treatment products, regular facials and an SPF everyday.

We find our female clients will spend out on an amazing regime but are then putting on a makeup product their skin reacts to, and all their good work is undone. Or we have male clients that have a good regime but never shower after the gym, and again the skin suffers. It’s also important to remember that some products cancel each other out and shouldn’t be used together. Or if layered incorrectly, for example, an oil based product applied before a serum, means the serum won’t be able to sink in. and will be ineffective.


So, am I saying don’t read blogs? Not at all! We think it’s fantastic that our clients are getting clued up on layering, retinols, AHA’s and BHA’s etc. However, here at Remedies, we can help you get the get link right product in the go to link right strength, and use it correctly at the can i take ciprofloxacin for uti right stage of your regime, perfect for your skin.


For all of February we have a special offer on, with Alexandra and Rio. Bring in your products and find out from an expert which are suitable, and what’s missing from your skin regime!

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