There are many reasons why our skin lacks lustre and glow. This time of year the environment often impacts on our skins normal cycle of rejuvenation. The cold air and winds combined with dry and dehydrating central heating leads to sensitivity, flushing and dryness, which in turn manifests itself with dull, patchy and problem skin. Of course the usual stress and hormone cycles will always contribute to our skin problems. Here are some recommendations for glow-inducing skin saviours this winter.

Wendy The Phyto Replenish oil (1) is a great treat on the skin, take a little time to massage it in, increasing blood flow and helping lymphatic drainage,.A tinted SPF such as Elizabeth Arden PRO TAP.50 (4) is fantastic for protecting the face and also gives a lovely glowy colour on which to add your foundation. Layer serums, and perhaps a richer night moisturiser like Power Rich (2). Skinperfect Primer (10) leaves a beautiful smooth glowing surface too.

Maria Brightening serum (3) and Daily Microfoliant (7). I love to use the Hydrating Mask (11) on myself at this time of year.

Kayleigh C or CE Tetra serum (5) with comes in two strengths and is a year-round excellent serum to have for brightening. Overnight Repair Serum leaves me with glowing skin in the morning, it has a great mix of peptides and oils, it’s hydrating and anti-ageing.I also love the results from Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, an instant brightener that is best used once or twice a week (9.) It’s brilliant on drier skin types but everyone can use it that needs to give their skin a boost.

Any questions about your winter regime, drop me a comment below!

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