This month we were invited to the Women’s Institute in the Scilly Isles to talk about skin care.

One of our clients was so impressed with her Remedies treatment that she suggested to one of her friends, an organiser of the WI in the Scilly Isles, that a session on what we do here at Remedies would be a good presentation for one of their meetings.

The attendance was the best they have ever had for guest speakers!

Below you’ll see a selection of the various questions we were asked during the presentation and our responses to them. We hope you find it useful.

As always, if you’ve got any questions yourself or would just like to find out what we do you can visit our main site or in touch via email or telephone – 01392 877221.

What does SPF 15 actually mean?

This equates to the minutes in the sun that you would normally take to burn without a sunscreen multiplied by the SPF Number.

So 10 mins normally burn using an SPF 15 means you could probably stay in the sun for 150 mins

You have to be careful though because people invariably do not put enough SPF on themselves. You should put the size of a 50p piece onto your face.

Also, you might swim, be sweating or touch/rub your skin and so maybe think of reducing that time by at least 30% to be safe.

Take note of the UV Index on the Weather Forecast 6 and above is HIGH !

What is the difference between UVA and UVB ?

All the UV rays will have an effect on the skin and the easy way to think of them is UVB are the Burning Rays and the UVA are the Ageing Rays.

The UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin damaging the skin cells beneath resulting in premature ageing your skin.

The B Burning Rays are responsible for causing redness, blisters, some resulting pigmentation and red veins.


All U.V. can contribute to skin cancer formation (U.V.C. – Cancer)

Why doesn’t Laser Hair Removal work on White Hair?

Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) works by selecting the appropriate wavelength of light to target the pigment in the hair follicle where the light is absorbed. This absorption results in heat being generated to a temperature where the blood supply to promote hair growth is cauterized. If there is no pigment there is no absorption, no heat and hence for White, Grey or Very blond hair Laser/IPL will not work.

Another good reason for considering Laser Hair Removal when you are younger.

Can you do anything about these dark patches on my hands?

Pigmentation or Age Spots on the hands can be treated with Laser and IPL to lighten them and in many cases make them not visble at all. In order to prevent re-occurrence you need to use an SPF on your hands regularly during the day which is not easy when you washing your hands etc.

Do any of your current manufacturers test on animals?


How can I help prevent circles around my eyes from swimming with goggles?

One way is to wear bigger goggles as big as possible !

The skin is thinner around the eyes so the effect is greater in that area, you can help reduce it by using Barrier Repair and SPF creams to help prevent pressure.

I have combination skin, so what products should I use – which skin type?

Use opposite skin type products and cherry pick the best “feel” for you, so maybe a cleanser for Dry Skin followed by a Moisturiser for Normal Skin.

Ask for some samples to try it first.

I use wipes to cleanse my skin is that OK?

Wipes are alright but check their ingredients as a lot can contain alcohol which are very stripping on the skin, we would recommend avoiding those.

You mentioned the Ph of your skin, what should it be for the face?

The Ph level is very important because your skin is slightly acidic and should stay that way. This acid, mantle as it is called, is there to protect your skin from bacteria etc… Ideally you should look for products that indicate their Ph as being 5.5 Ph.

We always ask our clients to bring in their products so we can review them because their skin issue or problem maybe caused by the soap they use. My husband used to have terrible problems with dry itchy skin which was found to be caused by his shaving foam. He had not realised until he looked that the foam had a ph of 9. He now uses a dermalogica Shaving Gel with no problems at all. Kinky Fetishes Sex Porn Videos