Kayleigh Goodman Laser and Skin Care Therapist

Kayleigh Goodman
Laser and Skin Care Therapist

I am a fully trained practitioner in Environ skincare Product and Treatments and more recently have trained in the “Advanced Nutrition Programme”. This has stimulated a real interest for me in the relevance and importance of Vitamin A in caring for the skin, both on your Face and Body.

I regularly use these products in my Facial Treatments and advice I give to clients on Anti-ageing. So, I wanted to pass on to you some of the key points about Vitamin A and how it could be useful for you.

Vitamin A is a fantastic for your skin for many reasons, one key point is to normalize the DSC00495skin which means it’s suited to all skin types and ages, a real plus. This will help to Prevent the signs of ageing in younger skin and Correct damage that has already occurred in a more mature skin.

It’s an essential vitamin for healthy skin because it repairs your skin cell DNA which is imperative for skin rejuvenation. It prompts the skin to rejuvenate healthy skin cells rather than the damaged ones, giving the skin a more plump, youthful fresher appearance.

In skin care products, Vitamin A can get to deeper layers of the skin and stimulate our own Collagen and Elastin. For even better results Vitamin A can be taken as a supplement too.

These will treat the skin where creams can’t reach, hence it being used for the entire body. After all its not just the skin on our face that we should be looking after.

DFiimachineHere at Remedies we offer a big selection of Environ products which focus on Vitamin A along with tailored facials to suit skin all problems. This includes the renowned Environ DF II machine which has proven extremely popular providing some great results.

If you haven’t had a facial with us before, a great place to start is our Consultation Facial which you can book online. Alternatively if you just want to have a chat about your skin first, you can find one of our experts by phoning our Reception on 01392 877221 or by emailing us with your concerns at info@remediesbeauty.co.uk, we look forward to hearing from you!

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