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1. Magnificent Make Up Monday September 14th


2. Treatments with New Therapists at Half Price




1. The Fractional Laser Treatment

As always Remedies are at the forefront of result driven treatments to solve skin problems in the most effective way. Our new Fractional Laser does just that. It is one of our most anti-ageing laser procedures and really helps reduce acne scarring, pigmentation and stretch marks

So, if you:

Wish to improve the overall quality tone and texture of your skin
Want to minimise acne scars, stretch marks or surgical scars
Desire smoother, fresher younger looking skin

Then this treatment is for you

See our Blog for more information or just call reception 01392 877211 for more information.

2. New Consultation with Wendy the "Aesthetic Review"

Our clients are constantly requesting more information, help and support when choosing products and treatments that are best suited to their requirements and expectations. 

We appreciate there is much information available via the internet, TV programmes etc. stimulating a greater thirst for knowledge, but this can also be quite confusing for clients.

Hence, we have introduced a new consultative process the “Aesthetic Review” with our vastly experienced Aesthetic Practitioner Wendy Wills, who founded the clinic in 1996.  

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Wendy who is a member of the International Institute for

Anti-Ageing (IIAA) and the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) believes that if clients get good advice and guidance and understand the fundamentals of good skin care for their skin type, they can achieve great results.


The purpose of the new consultative process is to link together your current skin care with Remedies treatments and product knowledge to help you choose and achieve your desired results.

 In the 1 Hour consultation you will: 

  1. Have your skin assessed via the scanner, observation and touch
  2. Have a chat about lifestyle, nutrition and your current skin care products, so please feel free to bring them in with you.
  3. Your skin history, concerns and expectations discussed
  4. Be provided with a full assessment, advice and guidance sheet

This comprehensive consultation will only cost £25.

Let Wendy help to guide you along the right path so you can achieve the most with your budget and time. Just call reception 01392 877221 or you can now book this online

3. Fantastic Results with Environ and the DFII System

We have been getting terrific results with our Environ based facials especially when combine with the exclusive DFII System which uses Iontopherises and Sonopheris to significantly improve results. Our clients have been extremely impressed with outcomes and the Environ skin care product range that maximises the effectiveness of Vitamin A in skin care is certainly here to stay.

4. Omnilux Therapy at Remedies 

omniluxmachineOur investment in the Omnilux light system is also extremely well received by our clients. We probably now have the widest range of skin care systems in the South West.

New skin care treatment protocols are available using the Omnilux as well as it becoming an integral part of other existing treatments like the Micro-needling Therapy where the omnilux will assist skin recovery and control/relief from acne.

Omnilux is a relaxing and comfortable treatment for skin rejuvenation.


 5. Micro-needling therapy at Remedies 


Building on the success of Environ from the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (the IIAA) we now have the micro-needling treatment which harnesses the skin’s powers of rejuvenation.

The 1 mm micro-needling is a revolutionary way to stimulate normal collagen production for smoothing the skin and treating fine wrinkles and scarring.

In association with the multi award winning Environ product skin care range this fantastic new treatment adds to our high level anti-ageing skin care portfolio.



Treatments can be easily be booked online. at anytime of day.


If you require any further information just call our reception

01392 877221 

We are here to help.


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