Acne Consultation for Face & Body

Everyone knows there is no cure for acne but there is a lot we offer at Remedies to help sufferers with this skin condition. WIth our Laser and Light Systems plus a range of skincare product not found on the high street, we have helped so many clients manage their acne and acne scarring.
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The 45 minute Acne Consultation costs £30 and consists of:

  1. Skin Analysis in the Skin Scanner
  2. Review of the client acne and skin care history
  3. Review of any products currently being used
  4. Opportunity to ask any questions
  5. Give overall assessment and treatment recommendation(s)
  6. Provision of an individual treatment plan

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We’ve Seen Great Results Treating Acne for over 10 Years Remedies has been dealing with acne for over 10 years with great results, using the latest technologies including laser and quality skin care products developed specifically for acne. One of our main concerns with those unfortunate to suffer with acne is where they have tried several off the shelf products without success and then think their only option is their GP where anti-biotics, or in severe cases the drug Roaccutane is prescribed.

can you purchase antibiotics online The Remedies Clinic has been in contact with the BBC Televised Westminster Hall Debate on the Adverse effects of Roaccutane for acne sufferers (see more here) and we have offered our support. A very sincere plea from our therapist team is for you to explore the opportunites we can offer you before you take Roaccutane. At the Remedies clinic we have so much that can be offered to you before drugs being an option and we find people are not always that these treatments exist. We found this with one of our new members of staff see her blog here. or have a look at what one of our clients Kimberley has to say

cost of amoxil with insurance Our in depth consultation aims to really get to grips with what may be happpening with celexa price in UAE your skin because in some cases what is being done to or being used on your skin could be helping to make it worse.

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ciprofloxacin interaction with oral contraceptives The therapist will discuss their assessment of your skin with you, listened to any questions you may have and then make any recommendations with regards to a treatment or products. You then decide what you would like to do there is no obligation.

buy effexor 150 mg tablets no script A treatment recommended could be Technology based or Product based or a combination of both. We would not recommend a more expensive treatment if it was not wanted, as it was in the case of Kimberley detailed above.

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