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All laser consultations are Free except the N-LITE Laser acne Consultation which costs £5 and takes about 45 minutes. After this comprehensive consultation there is no obligation to go onto to any recommended treatment.
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What is covered in a laser consultation? The purpose of the initial consultation is to:

  1. Enable the skin problem to be assessed by the therapist
  2. Enable us to explain what is involved in the potential treatment
  3. Provide full opportunity for clients to ask any questions.

go to site All laser consultations are free with the exception of the N-LITE Laser Acne consultation which costs £25 and takes about 45 minutes. There is absolutely no obligation to go on to being treated, we want you to be completely satisfied with what is being proposed.

source url All other Laser consultations are free and take approximately 30 minutes and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed to treatment, the decision is entirely yours.

Patch Testing If at the end of the consultation and with your informed consent, you decide you want to have a laser treatment, there will be a need for a “patch test”.

source site We do this patch test to observe your skins reaction to the laser and to give you the experience of sampling the treatment sensation. This is most commonly described by clients as having an elastic band flicked onto the skin.
This patch test, is in essence a small treatment and is charged at £50. However, the £50 will be subtracted from your first laser treatment e.g. a first treatment of £100 will only cost £50. This first treatment is usually scheduled for about a week later. In some cases treatment can take place immediately after the consultation and can be discussed with reception when you book a consultation. Where needed further treatments are scheduled to suit client needs and the treatment protocol. Also, treatment costs may be reduced as progress is made e.g. amount of unwanted hair becomes less.

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