Vitage & PRIORI


Imagine your skin has never been in contact with the air we breathe, car fumes, salt from the sea you would have beautiful, soft, baby-like skin. The Vitage range of products can help rejuvenate your skin by creating a protective bubble, defending it from environmental damage and other anti-ageing variables.

Vitage protects skin all year round by offering antioxidant protection to fight free radicals and UV Sun rays responsible for premature skin ageing and skin cancers with a choice of SPF15 or SPF30.

Daily skin hydration is essential to keep skin looking young, conditioned and vital. Healthy skin should be supple, moist and balanced. Vitage Hydrating Products contain a powerful concoction of antioxidants to nourish and feed all skin types.


PRIORI features the revolutionary anti-ageing ingredient idebenone. This super-potent antioxidant fights free radicals, one of the main causes of skin ageing and is the most effective antioxidant on the market today.
Your skin isn’t just ageing, it’s oxidizing.

Idebenone, the new super strength antioxidant featured in PRIORI skincare is the next big thing in skin protection and is set to revolutionize the anti-ageing market with its unique Environmental Protection Factor.

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