Milia Removal

What are Milia

miliaeyeMilia are superfical, unifirm pearly white to yellowish, domed lesions measuring 1mm or 2mm in diameter. They often arise on the face on the eyelids and cheeks but they can occur elsewhere.


What can cause Milia?

Sometimes product ingredients can cause Milia by blocking the pores, this is quite common with the use of eye make up remover pads.


Can I have Milia removed?

It may be possible to remove them during a facial with the help of steam and a small clean lancet. If more stubborn then we recommend Thermology to help soften or cauterise the Mila. Occasionally a little scabbing may occur but it doesn't last long.



You do not have to put up with these unsightly blemishes on your skin and we can remove these and advise on how to help them happening again. The best way is to book in for a Consultation Facial so we can see the problem, provide the treatment needed and give you good skin care advice and guidance.


Treatments can be booked online  or call our Reception during clinic opening 01392 877221 to book or discuss things a little beforehand.


We are here to help.

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