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We do offer you a Free 15 minute skin analysis session so you can get to know your skin and we will guide you how to care of it. You can book a Skin Analysis session online here


Our Skin Skinner is a great tool for us to analyse you skin and help identify current and future skin problems that may occur. We can examine a clients facial skin for sun damage, dry areas, blocked pores and even Vitiligo and many other Pigment disorders. This gives you a great insight to what you normally cannot see or be aware of.



Using the scanner your therapist will discuss with you whilst you look at your skin in the scanner, any potential problems or issues that are seen.



The therapist will then explain what can cause this and how to prevent any skin problems found. Subsequently you will be advised and guided as to what can be done to improve and prevent problems. Then a tailoured facial to deal with these problems plus anything in particular you want the therapist to attend to.


In our Consultation Facial, and for any new clients coming to us for a facial, the skin scanner is the starting point of the treatment.


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