Skin Tag Removal using Thermology

The Skin Tag Removal Treatment


skintagThese very unsightly and embarrasing skin tags are a real problem for many people and they are caused by skin that is rubbed or irritated by friction.


The tags may catch in your clothes or jewellery and sometimes be uncomfortable and occassionally bleed.


Our procedure is simply to cauterise them using thermology. Sometimes you will initially be left with a scab which will heel quickly in the normal way. The treatment itself is quick and easy with clients who have put up with these tags for years leave us tag free.


Generally due to the speed of the treatment most people opt not to have a topical anaesthetic cream applied before treatment, but you may prefer to use "Amatop" which is available at your phamarcy. 

We treat the majority of skin tag sizes presented to us, circa 1cm across.

Note - We do not have facilities here to do a biopsy so if you are at all concerned about skin tags please make sure you see your GP.

You can book a "Thermology" treatment easily online here  or you can call our Reception during clinic opening 01392 877221 to book or discuss things a little beforehand.

We are here to help.


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