The Remedies Aesthetic Review

We've developed a new consultative process, our 'Aesthetic Review' with our vastly experienced Aesthetic Practitioner Wendy Wills, who founded the clinic in 1996. Book Now

order tetracycline online Canada There is a huge amount of information available today on all sorts of different treatments and products. While we always recommend that you read up and understand any treatment or product before you use them, we also appreciate that it can be incredibly confusing for clients when presented with so much choice.

Which products are right for my skin??

click here We frequently receive requests from clients to help choose products and treatments that are suitable for them. So, with this in mind we’ve developed a new consultative process, our ‘Aesthetic Review’ with our vastly experienced Aesthetic Practitioner Wendy Wills, who founded the clinic in 1996. Wendy who is a member of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (IIAA) believes that if clients get good advice and guidance and understand the fundamentals of good skin care for their skin type, they can achieve great things.

Let us take the stress out of skincare

see url The purpose of the new consultative process is to link together your current skin care with Remedies treatments and product knowledge to help you choose and achieve your desired results.

What the Aesthetic Review covers go In the 60 minute consultation we will:

  • Have your skin assessed via the scanner as well as non digital methods like observation and touch.
  • Look together at your lifestyle, nutrition and products, so please feel free to bring them in with you.
  • Your history, concerns and expectations discussed
  • Be provided with a full assessment, advice and guidance sheet

augmentin 375mg price UK enter site This comprehensive consultation will only cost 30. Let Wendy help to guide you along the right path so you can achieve the most with your budget and time. Just call reception 01392 877221 or you can now book this online

see Wendy has been achieving remarkable results for many years by using and developing non-invasive techniques such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser, Peels and Micro-needling. Wendys quest for excellent skin care is underpinned by a similar passion for knowledge and education, both for staff and clients she strives to keep up with latest ideas within our rapidly growing industry, especially in the field of anti-ageing.


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