Electrolysis & Advanced Thermology

This skin care hair removal treatment is for when there is no colour in the hair i.e. White or Very Blonde or Light Grey and usually for small areas e.g. lip or chin. Book Now

The Electrolysis Treatment

http://premiumflooringsolutions.co.uk/?p=drugs-for-generalized-anxiety-disorder This type of hair removal is used mainly on the face, chin and neck but can be used elsewhere on the body. This method employs a very fine gamma sterilised needle being followed down the hair to its follicle at which point the needle is inserted into it.

see url A controlled small electrical current is then applied, which cauterises the hair at the root. This cuts the blood supply to the hair at the papilla. The heat from the electrical current also destroys the hair germ cells at the base of the follicle inhibiting future growth. The hair is then withdrawn from the follicle and the properly epilated hair will glide out with no resistance.

http://walk-me.co.uk/?w=where-can-I-buy-citalopram-celexa It is not a painful treatment and all you may feel is a “pin prick” type sensation as the electrical current is applied. The intensity varies depending on the area being treated e.g. upper lip is sensitive and for some women at certain times of the month it can be more sensitive than normal.

watch http://www.olvarwood.com.au/?o=ciprofloxacin-750mg-cost-Canada You will need an Electrolysis Consultation prior to treatment.

Post Treatment Advice

http://www.kdaat.org/?k=most-popular-antidepressants-in-Canada After the treatment you should keep the area clean and dry and try not to touch area directly with the fingers. Do not go swimming, sunbathe, have a sauna or similar heat treatments for at least a couple of days to allow the treated follicles to heal.

azithromycin buy 250mg Until after the first evening post treatment, avoid washing the treated area with water, as this will reduce the possibility of washing any bacteria into any open follicles and try to avoid for first couple of days applying creams or lotions, only the use of clear Witch hazel if necessary.

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