Hands & Feet

Designed to concentrate on improving the condition and circulation of the hand and foot areas. It is particularly good for areas of chapped or dry skin. Book Now

follow url Designed to concentrate on improving the condition and circulation of the hand and foot areas. It is particularly good for areas of chapped or dry skin.

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=buy-bactrim-online-Australia Before the treatment starts you will be asked to complete a consultation sheet and any areas of concern will be discussed with your therapist who tailor the treatment to help deal with those areas.

https://nepomak.org/?n=augmentin-buy-Canada Firstly, the areas of the hands and/or feet will be given a relaxing soak followed by an exfoliation using specific products to suit and where necessary the feet will be filed. A soothing moisturiser will then be applied to help soften and improve the area of concern. A paraffin wax dip is used to further help promote circulation and avoid dry skin. After removal a further moisturiser is applied.

http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=bactrim-price-no-insurance It is recommended that clients help to maintain and improve the condition of the affected areas by using appropriate products as advised by the therapist. Also, as and when needed clients should schedule further treatments and the therapist can advise on frequency.

The Manicure

http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=zithromax-250mg-cost-UK The purpose of the treatment is to assess and treat your particualr nail type in order to promote healthy nails. We clean the nails using Jessica products and then massage you hands and gently soak them before we tidy up the cuticles. The treatment is completed by filing and painting the nails if selected using a colour of your choice from the Jessica range.

bactrim buy online Australia You may need to sit for a further 10 minutes whilst the nails dry. The therapist will provide advice and guidance on any products that can be purchased to continue the upkeep of your nails.

The Pedicure

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=azithromycin-250-mg-for-sale The purpose of this treatment is to pamper those tired hard worked feet using Jessica products which help to bring your feet up to tip top condition. Firstly, your feet are soaked in a massaging foot spa whilst we apply products to soften the skin and cuticles.

http://www.faeganspub.com/?f=can-u-buy-azithromycin-online We trim and file the nails, tidy the cuticles and massage your feet before painting the nails with your choice of colours from the Jessica range.

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=ciprofloxacin-for-sale order augmentin online Canada It is always recommended to come prepared by bringing a pair of open toed shoes/flip-flops so your toes can dry fully.


“I would un-reservedly recommend N-LITE treatment to anyone suffering from Acne spots. When I had given up on all other treatments, this was a miracle cure. My skin is clear, soft and glowing. I can’t thank the team at Remedies, especially Wendy, enough.


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