For a therapeutic massage or simply for reducing stress we provide Body, Indian Head and Hydrotherm massages.


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Massage and Indian Head Massage

Our Therapeutic Massages

Our massages can be tailored to your needs from mild, firm and very firm depending on the issues to be resolved.

Sometimes it can simply to relax you and take away the stresses of the day.

We do Back & Neck, Full Body, Indian Head and Hydrotherm for those who cannot lie face down.

It is so easy for you now because you can book your treatments online.

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Indian Head (IH) Massage – 30 Minute Treatment

The purpose of this massage treatment is to relax and de-stress by relieving the head, neck and shoulders. The massage also helps to un-knot any blockages and subsequently relieve tension.

You begin by having a consultation with your therapist, who will fully explain the treatment. It is performed with you being fully clothed and sat upright in a comfortable position whilst relaxing music is played in the background in a darkened treatment room. Oils can be used as well if preferred.

The massage also includes the arms, back, neck, face and chest area as well as the scalp, which really helps you to relax and “switch off”.

After the massage we finish the beauty treatment by giving you a glass of water and a warm “Soother Sack” resting across your neck. You should not rush away from this very relaxing treatment and drink plenty of water during the day afterwards.

This can be a one-off treat or can be bought at a reduced rate as a course.

Please note – This treatment is a 30 Minute treatment..  There is a 45 minute treatment listed on our Price List but we no longer do a IH 45 minutes and our Price List is currently being updated.

Body Massage

The purpose and intensity of the massage treatment depends on the client’s needs and will be assessed by your therapist. Massage can be used to aid relaxation, increase circulation, release tension, loosen and stretch muscles etc.

You will be asked to undress (in private) down to your underwear before the treatment starts. Towels and blankets will be discreetly used to cover all sensitive areas and a suitable oil blend will be selected.

It is up to the client to choose in discussion with the therapist what type of massage is preferred i.e. Light, Medium or Firmand to highlight to the therapist any problems areas e.g. lower back pain.

Hydrotherm Massage

If you have any difficulty lying prone, you may be advised to have our Hydrotherm Massage. This involves lying supine on warm water filled mats whilst being massaged between the couch and your body. This is especially good during pregnancy, for those with large chests or the elderly.

Note – If it is likely that you may need the Hydrotherm massage it would be most helpful if you can advise as soon as possible so we can prepare in advance for warm water bags to be in the room ready.

This is a relaxing massage treatment and can be adjusted for firmness to suit your requirements. A firm massage, which is very popular, can sometimes be considered uncomfortable and you may feel a little tender the next day but the loosening benefits will be felt the day after.

Full consultation is essential to determine this e.g. are there any medical treatments already being received such as physiotherapy. From your consultation/treatment we may recommend you see one of the Complimentary Therapists that practice at the Remedies premises.

For a little more information on the treatment and their prices just click here

It is so easy for you now because you can book your treatments online.

I can hardly write, as I am so relaxed after a most fantastic massage! So attentive on my tense, crunchy areas and in ensuring I totally relaxed during the amazing massage. I felt utterly pampered and I will be back!


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