Consultation Facial

The perfect place to start your facial skin care. You can get your skin condition assessed and gain significant advice/guidance on what can be done solve skin problems and achieve results.
Book Now The purpose of the Consultation Facial treatment is to analyse your skin and discuss with you any concerns or problems you may have and what we provide what you need.

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What the Consultation Facial contains

buy azithromycin in Catania Italy In essence we aim to provide you with a prescription for your skin and a facial treatment to suit those individual requirements, whether purely for relaxation purposes or improved management of your skin condition.

enter It is important that you communicate with the therapist any anxieties, concerns or problems that you may have with your skin prior to the treatment to maximise all potential benefits.
If it is your first facial treatment with us or you have asked for a prescription facial, your skin is first analysed at our “Skin Scanner Booth” where you can see and be advised of the exact status of your skin and have identified to you any potential damaged or dehydrated areas. You are then escorted to one of our 7 treatment rooms. We have developed a comprehensive treatment protocol for Facials which incorporate the appropriate tools, techniques and products for individual client needs.

buy azithromycin online Munich At the end of your treatment we record on a Remedies Prescription Sheet the details of our advise and guidance for your ongoing skin care and give you a copy for reference. There are other facial type treatments provided at Remedies e.g. Dermabrasion, and Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatment etc. so we would suggest you also look at these to identify any other potential Treatments that may suit you. For a little more information on the treatment and their prices just click here

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After Care and our Prescription Sheet

where can you get cymbalta without a script Home care is vital to continue looking after your skin and maintain it. You will be given a prescription sheet regarding type and use of products and their priorities. More information is available too on other Treatments available at Remedies.

how much do uti antibiotics cost without insurance It is recommended where possible that make-up is not applied directly after treatment to allow your skin to breathe.

“Are there different types of facials that I could have?”

This is where we say that we need to assess your skin first and then we will provide a specific tailored facial to suit those needs. What your best friend has might not be right for you and in fact could make things worse!

So the best place to start really is with a Consultation Facial where we assess your skin and then provide the right facial treatment for you.

There are some more questions that we receive on typical skin problems e.g. sun damage etc. and we provide some help and guidance on these in our Skin Advice Section.

If you want to have an even more comprehensive assessment of what is possible for you and your skin then the Aesthetic Review perfect.

I had congested and sun damaged skin and wouldn’t go out without makeup before I cam to Remedies. After a some excellent facials and fantastic advice on products for “MY” skin over a few months that has all changed. I will continue this new skin care routine and can honestly say Remedies is my new favourite place !


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