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A fantastic facial for anti-ageing using the Environ range of Vitamin A products that are so effective in normalising the skin and making your skin look and feel great.
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A superb anti-ageing facial for those seeking results in solving their skin problems. We adjust the intensity of the treatment(s) to suit your particular skin type or the problem to be solved.

The Lactic acid based Environ Peel System uses a naturally occurring chemical to gently but effectively exfoliate the skin surface.

A cream application endures more control over the depth and strength of the peel. Hence, the flexibility and safety of the treatment is increased.

Lactic acid is more hydrating than other hydroxy acids, so is particularly beneficial for mature dehydrated skins.

It can be tailored to suit all skin types and conditions, including acne problem skin, Rosacea and aged skins, particularly when used in conjunction with the Environ Serums, cosmetic roller, DF II Machine or Omnilux.

A home peel kit may also be recommended for certain types to further enhance results.

Talk to your skin therapist or look at our menu of treatments to book the correct one for you.

You will need to be on a Vitamin A skincare product prior to have an Environ Peel to allow your skin to acclimatise to Vitamin A.

If you need any further information or have any other queries please call our Reception on 01392 877221 for a chat.

Alternatively you can email us with your query a therapist will reply or call you if you prefer.

I can’t believe the difference after a few facial peels and using different products to my acne skin. My skin is not “angry” now and can’t thank you enough for the treatments and great advice you have given me.

Anonymous Client

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