Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Fungal nail infection is a common problem affecting around three in every hundred people in the UK. Book Now This problem is about four times more common in toenails than fingernails, it and can involve all or part of the nail, including the nail plate, nail bed and root of the nail. Usually it affects adults and becomes more common as you get older. Men are also more likely to be affected by it.

where can I get zoloft without a script At Remedies we meet clients who seem to have tried everything else to be rid of their fungal nail infection. We would typically recommend our laser treatment where we have seen terrific results.

The Treatment Wendy, our Laser and Skin Care Specialist, has been working in liaison with Dr Samantha Hills, the Clinical Manager at Lynton Lasers, to help produce a Laser treatment protocol for nail infection.

enter site Clinical studies suggest that the long-pulsed Nd: YAG Laser like we have here at Remedies, can be used to treat nail infection. You might have heard it being referred to as ‘Onychomycosis’. If possible the nail bed should be filed to reduce the nail thickness which will improve laser penetration and treatment efficacy. We would pass over the effected toenail(s) once, extending to all the surrounding skin, then pass over another 2-3 times. Each client would need to have a minimum of 3 treatments at 4-weekly intervals Each nail on the hand or foot effected with fungus should be treated by the Laser and with the foot Dactarin should be used every day by the client at home to keep any fungal activity dormant, good foot hygiene should be followed too.

A Case Study

follow url The client was treated with the Lumina Long Pulsed YAG, before, during and after 7 treatments at 5 weekly intervals. Parameters used were 7mm spot size, 3 pulses with 15ms delay and a Fluence level of 50J/cm2.

go to link The before and after pictures shown here show a terrific result for the client who was very pleased of course.

Book a Laser Fungal Nail Treatment Now The Fungal Nail Laser Consultation (LNCO) for this is Free and can be booked online.

price of bactrim no insurance “I would un-reservedly recommend N-LITE treatment to anyone suffering from Acne spots. When I had given up on all other treatments, this was a miracle cure. My skin is clear, soft and glowing. I can’t thank the team at Remedies, especially Wendy, enough.


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