Laser Hair Removal

Small and Large areas like backs and legs are treated. Your hair needs to have some pigment because the laser has no target if it is White or very blond.

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Laser Hair Removal no more Waxing or Ingrown Hairs

Save yourself hundreds of ’s and have smooth skin with no ingrowing hairs with Laser Hair removal rather than Waxing, Electrolysis or Shaving.

If you have your bikini line waxed you will always have hair again in a few weeks. In your adult life you may wax well over 600 times and maybe more.

After laser hair removal has been completed, you will have smooth skin all the time, noin-growing hairs and a nice clean line for good.

And a lot cheaper than 600 bikini line treatments!

We have been providing Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women from Exeter and all across Devon for many years with great success.

More About the Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Hair growth and its management is an emotional and social issue throughout the world and women in particular are subject to enormous pressure to conform to social and cultural norms. The development of laser and intense pulse light systems has made long-term hair removal possible for all skin types to avoid you having waxing for years on end.

We have high quality medical lasers and the laser hair removal uses selective photothermolysis to destroy the regenerative cells of the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by melanin creating heat that travels down the hair into the follicle. The skin may become slightly red for a few hours immediately after the treatment. The hair is pushed out by surrounding skin renewal and so the results are usually seen after a few days.
Please remember that if your hair is White or Very Blond then Laser or IPL treatments will not work due to lack of pigment for the laser to target. The key here is to have your hair removal treatment before your hair goes too grey/white.

If your hair has gone white then we can carry out hair removal using Electrolysis.

The Lumina Laser Hair Removal and IPL machine

The Lumina Multi-Function medical grade laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) system is especially good for hair removal both on large and smaller area e.g. face and legs. This quick and highly effective laser hair removal treatment can provide up to 40% reduction of unwanted hair after each laser treatment.

The Laser sends a beam of light into the skin, which is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. This laser light pulses just long enough to disable the hair follicle’s ability to re-grow. All hair goes through three distinct growth phases: an active or Anagen phase, a transition or Catagen phase and finally a resting or Telogen phase.

When the hair is in the active Anagen phase, it has the most melanin and is then actually attached to the hair follicle. It is at this time that the Laser can effectively disable the follicle. For this reason, a hair removal treatment course of a minimum of 4 to 6 visits is often recommended to achieve optimal results.

Any fine hair growth that may exist or become visible after that can be dealt at any stage to suit client needs.

A Laser Hair Removal treatment requires a Laser Consultation which is Free and you can book it online or just call reception 01392 877221.

All laser treatments will require a Laser Consultation prior to the treatment.

I have just had three laser treatments on my chin for dark hair removal which has been troublesome for a couple of years. I am amazed how quickly the laser has worked on reducing the hair and I’m so pleased with the outcome. Also, the staff are Fab ! Very professional.

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