Lose those unsightly Age Spots or sun damaged areas. We also treat birthmarks and port wine stains this way.


click There are still questions as to exactly what causes pigmentation marks like birthmarks, whether it is a Port-Wine Stain, a lighter Cafe Au Lait mark or a dark bluey black Birthmark. There is also no evidence that they are hereditary. Freckles are simply small clumps of coagulated Melanin, but age spots are due purely to the damage from the suns rays. Which is why we should all use a Sun Screen even though it may not be sunny.

How can this pigmentation be treated?
Laser and IPL Treatments
Superficial pigmentation describes an area of pigmentation that occurs in the epidermis. This pigmentation can be removed effectively by an intense pulse light or Laser system releasing light of yellow/green colour. Types of superficial pigmentation include Lentigo age spots, sun spots and freckles. Conventional methods for removing blemishes, pigmentation, freckles, age and sunspots involved using Bleaching Creams or aggressive “Chemical” peeling which can damage the surrounding skin, cause burning or rashes. Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the latest in technology to treat Pigmentation which is very effective with great results. At Remedies we have 3 different types of Laser and IPL machines to use to suit the skin problems presented.
Glycolic Skin Peels
We use Glycolic Peels which are far less aggressive than Chemical Peels and have a lot of success with lightening the skin. In some cases we may combine a Peel with a Laser/IPL treatment for best results. If your Pigmentation is not too bad you may wish to consider another option by having a Consultation Facial wish us first. Although this is not free, it is a great place to start because we assess your skin in our Skin Scanner then provide a tailored facial to suit your needs and this may be a Glycolic Peel if that is what is appropriate for you.
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So, do not put up with those pigmented marks or age spots any longer and call our Reception 01392 877221 today to book that consultation.

source site All laser treatments will require a Laser Consultation prior to the treatment.

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follow link “After a course of just 3 treatments, I am delighted that a large patch of sun damage has been removed from my face. Everyone at Remedies was very pleasant and every step of the treatment was explained to me in great detail.” go to link Thank you so much.


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